What people are saying

I was having real trouble with my accounts. FreeAgent was literally the biggest thing in 2009 that really transformed my business, and I couldn't be happier with it. I'd highly recommend you give FreeAgent a try.

John O'Nolan · Lyrical Media

  • Mark Crosby

    It simplified my accounts, took the stress away and changed my one day a month into thirty minutes. It enabled me to centralise my invoicing, bills, bank accounts and quotes.

    Mark Crosby · Blue Cherry
  • Benjamin Dell

    Words can't express how impressed we have been with FreeAgent. What has struck us as perhaps the most salient of the benefits, is FAC's overall design and user interface. It is user friendly, intuitive and dare I say it, fun to use.

    Benjamin Dell · Raw Jam
  • Matt Stocker

    I have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness. I would go so far as to say you set a benchmark in customer support that other companies could learn a lot from.

    Matt Stocker
  • Suzanne Watts

    Now when a customer calls me and wants to know how much consulting time they have left, I can tell them right away. My clients love the invoices I send them and how much detail I can give them on projects I am working on for them.

    Suzanne Watts · PTAC Helper
  • Emily Heath

    Discovering FreeAgent was like a breath of fresh air, it is so easy invoicing for our time now - our cash flow has been significantly improved. We get invoices sent out regularly, never forget to bill.

    Emily Heath · Whitespace
  • Giles Brown

    I enjoy updating my accounts myself which means I pay my accountant less. The best part is that I have a clear understanding of how my business is performing.My thanks to the FreeAgent team for a great product.

    Giles Brown · Kyomedia

What the Press are Saying

  • Boagworld logo

    FreeAgent is a fully featured online accounting tool wrapped in a sleek, comprehensive and easy to use interface.

    Ryan Havoc · Boagworld Podcast
  • Enterprise Nation logo

    It's designed to help you spend less time on your money and more time making it, which is, surely, every freelancer's dream

    San Sharma · Enterprise Nation
  • AccountingWeb logo

    FreeAgent looks good, is straightforward to use, and offers an unrivalled range of features for its target market.

    Nigel Harris · Accountingweb