A Guest Checkout with Dwolla

You probably saw our recent blog post explaining our latest integration with Dwolla - which highlighted how our U.S. customers can now add Dwolla as a payment method on their invoices.

Well, since then we’ve been continuing to work pretty closely with the Dwolla team. And we’re delighted to announce that Dwolla have just unveiled a new Guest Checkout feature today, and that we’ve been chosen as one of the official partners.

So what’s this Guest Checkout thing all about, we hear you ask. Well, to put it simply, it’s a great new feature that allows folks to make payments without the need to set up a Dwolla account first. So if they don’t want to go through the process of signing up to Dwolla (say, if they’re only going to be making payments infrequently or on a one-off basis), they can simply use the service as a guest.

We were thrilled when we became the first-ever online accounting system to be integrated with Dwolla earlier this year, so we’re even more stoked that we’re continuing our partnership with them. And we’re confident that Guest Checkout will be a big hit with our U.S. customers.

If you need more information about Dwolla or Guest Checkout, take a look at their blog - it’s pretty exciting stuff.

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