Not just a lick of paint.

FreeAgent is being redesigned, and we can't wait to show you around.

New Overview

Your Overview page has been completely redesigned to provide richer data, better organisation and quicker shortcuts.

  1. Cashflow

    See the money coming in and out of your business for zen-like clarity of your cashflow.

  2. New charts

    Improved display of data, rebuilt without Flash so they work across more of your devices.

  3. Tabs

    Existing content is now grouped together into logical tab panels, simplifying the layout.

  4. Shortcuts

    Upload bank statements and create new Invoices, Expenses and Estimates and more with one click.

New layouts

We've completely overhauled layouts across the app to make richer, more relevant information quicker and easier to find.

  1. New header and navigation

    A new streamlined header makes more room for your data, though you can still upload your company logo if you want. Improved navigation between pages and your data means it’s faster to get around. Less steps, better results.

  2. Richer related content

    It's now much easier to find and act on useful information related to what you're doing. Quickly jump to the Contact or Project your Invoice belongs to. Remind yourself of how much you're owed, and when it's due. Set the status of a Contact or Project, and more.

New navigation

We’ve made it even easier and faster to get around FreeAgent. Better navigation means doing your books in record time.

  1. Quick jumping

    Using our handy new title menus, you can quickly jump between bank accounts, or between different projects for the same client. It almost feels like cheating, but we won't tell anyone.

  2. Navigating transactions

    Inside Banking, we've made it clearer which transactions you've yet to explain and made it easier to navigate them, month-by-month.

One more thing…

Okay, actually there are a few more things.

Optimised for iPad

We know that more and more of you are stepping away from desktops to take care of accounts, so we've optimised the new design for use on your shiny iPads.

More than 30% faster

We set out to make FreeAgent feel faster, and we've increased speeds by more than 30%. That means less time on your accounts, and more on the stuff you love.

This isn't the end

Oh no, not by a long shot! We had lots of ideas that didn’t quite make it into the first release of this new interface, but you’ll see more of these coming soon. So stay tuned.

Don't worry.

We know this is a big change. We want to answer any questions you have and help you get used to your new surroundings as quickly as possible. So please, don't hesitate to ask:

Let us do the heavy lifting. You do the fun stuff

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