Tame your bank account

  • Bank feeds automatically import transaction data each day
  • Import electronic statements from your online bank account
  • Explain transactions as categorised credits/debits
  • Reconcile invoices & bills made in FreeAgent
  • View interactive balance charts of your accounts

See how FreeAgent builds a picture of money in and out of your business

How it Works

  1. Upload electronic bank statements from your online bank account. FreeAgent supports most bank statement formats (and if we don't support yours, we'll make sure we add support).
  2. Explain bank transactions as either money in (e.g. invoice payments) or money out (e.g. expenses) and FreeAgent builds real-time accounts for your company.

Track Invoices, Bills and Expenses

By loading your electronic bank statements into FreeAgent, you gain an instant picture of money coming in and leaving your account. Reconcile these transactions with invoices sent from FreeAgent and account for business expenses and bills.

FreeAgent learns from your uploaded transactions and optionally automatically explains future uploads saving you even more time.

PayPal Automatically import transaction data from your PayPal account with our daily PayPal feeds. Just set it up once and FreeAgent will import your sales and purchase transactions which can be reconciled against invoices and suppliers.