Great-looking online estimates

  • Create estimates, proposals and quotes with your own workflow
  • Track estimate status through approval or rejection history
  • Quickly convert estimates to invoices in one click
  • Combine estimates into a single invoice
  • Estimate in any currency with multi-currency support
  • Multi-language with over 10 different languages

See how easy it is to create, send and track estimates with FreeAgent

Estimates workflow and audit

Contact management with FreeAgent

Generate high quality branded pdf estimates that can be printed off or emailed directly to clients.

Create your own workflow process with flexible estimates, quotes and proposals. Track your estimates as they are sent, approved or rejected by clients allowing you to forecast future income.

Convert Estimate to Invoice seamlessly

When your estimate has been approved, convert it to an invoice in a single click. It's a real time-saver.

  • Brand your estimates with your own company logo
  • Create your own workflow from estimate to proposal
  • Support for multi-currency estimating with imported daily exchange rates
  • Full multi-currency and multi-language support