Simple sales tax

  • Set up and configure sales tax rate for your country
  • Support for multiple sales taxes and compound taxes
  • Sales Tax reports show you tax charged on invoices
  • and the Sales Tax you've paid on purchases and payments

See your personal and business taxes and your tax timeline

Tax Timeline

Tax Timeline

The tax timeline shows live updates of your tax position and displays company deadlines.

Export this feed in iCal format which can be imported into Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal.

Configurable Sales Taxes

Set the appropriate Sales Tax for your country and FreeAgent applies this to all required sales and purchases.

Additional Sales Taxes can also be added for regions where multiple sales taxes are needed, and you can mark these sales taxes as compound, as is required in certain places.

Sales Tax reports

Quick, easy and configurable reports show all the Sales Tax charged on Invoices and that reclaimable on purchases you've made.