How to set up your clients for success

With the MTD for VAT compliance deadline looming and the new tax year still fresh in our minds - there’s no better time to migrate your clients to FreeAgent. Follow this 4-step guide to get your clients off to a flying start!

1. Pick a few clients

Don’t wear yourself out adding too many clients at once. Choose the clients that will really benefit from using FreeAgent. If you need help spotting them, use our Which clients love FreeAgent? guide.

email invite illustration

2. Send them an invitation to FreeAgent

Check out our email templates if you’d like some help explaining the benefits of FreeAgent. Plus, are any of your clients with NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland? Use this email template to let them know that they already get FreeAgent as part of their offering!

Make sure to include a link to your Client Invitation page to get them really motivated about making the switch.

Client invitation page screenshot

3. Set up their FreeAgent account

This is the exciting bit - a client tells you that they’re ready to use FreeAgent with you! Keep the momentum going and set them up on your Practice Dashboard within 48 hours to keep them engaged.

4. Finally - help them take their first steps

Although we pride ourselves on how intuitive FreeAgent is, there’s a learning curve with using any new software. Send over a helpful welcome email using this template.

Make sure to include a link to your dedicated Client Get Started page, which has all the resources your clients need to get off to a flying start with FreeAgent.

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Kevin’s top tips for adding clients to FreeAgent


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