A focus on freelancers and contractors

Crisp Contractor opened its doors in 2013, building a business model around using FreeAgent so they could focus specifically on freelancers and contractors. While Crisp is located in Hertfordshire, they use cloud-based FreeAgent with all 350+ clients which means their clients can be based just about anywhere.

Positive client feedback

When it comes to using FreeAgent, Luke Desmond, founder and owner of Crisp, says “the feedback we’ve had from clients is great, virtually all of them find it an improvement on how they were keeping records previously.”

"Best fit for contractors and freelancers"

Luke considered a long list of other cloud-based software programmes before choosing FreeAgent for his own company. He’d already used it at a previous practice and decided it was the best fit for contractors and freelancers, particularly because it was so easy to use from the client’s perspective.

A more proactive approach to accounting

Luke added, “FreeAgent has enabled us to provide key information to clients when they need it and allow a more proactive approach to accounting.” Crisp is in contact with most of their clients at least once a month and sometimes more often if they have questions. It’s so simple to instantly access their clients’ information that using FreeAgent has enabled Crisp to handle more clients per staff member while still offering a personalised service.

A promising future with FreeAgent

Crisp now has new clients coming to them because they use FreeAgent and their business is growing steadily. “The future is very promising, we have ambitious growth plans and FreeAgent is at the heart of those plans.”

Luke Desmond

Luke Desmond, Founder and Owner
Practice name: Crisp Contractor
Location: Hertfordshire
Age of business: two years
Size of business: 350+ clients
Number of partners: one