A proactive service

At Genie, where all of their 800+ clients use FreeAgent, they’re able to offer a completely proactive service. “When we opened Genie Accountancy we decided the way forward was technology. In order to deal with the volumes of clients across the country, we needed a system that allowed us to stop worrying about the daily number crunching but gave us the ability to interact with our clients to add value. That’s why we’ve insisted since we opened that all clients use FreeAgent.”

“All of our clients on one system”

“By using a system like FreeAgent we can give clients the time they need to make sure the number crunching is done easily and efficiently. And by having all of our clients on the one system, we can build in process efficiencies and set robust procedures that mean we’re scalable and continue to achieve unlimited growth.” Genie Accountancy is also able to work more efficiently as a company. “We can deal with far higher volumes of clients with the same number of staff than we could have done with a spreadsheet-based system.”

A bright future

When it comes to the future of their practice, they feel excited. “FreeAgent software is developing fast and will soon be able to deal with the submissions of most of the statutory documents that our clients need to deal with. We can envisage a time where we can implement even more efficient processes to manage the whole of our clients’ compliance cycle through one piece of software. Our clients are looking for one place to manage their business; FreeAgent will supply that with the day-to-day books and records and copies of statutory returns.

An opportunity to add value

With the advancing capability of the software comes both risk and opportunity. We recognise the risk that clients may feel they no longer need an accountant, but we know that software can’t replace good business and tax advice from an accountant. The advancing technology provides us with opportunities to add even more value to our clients because the number crunching and statutory work is readily taken care of”.

Helen Christopher

Helen Christopher, Operations Director
Practice name: Genie Accountancy
Location: Nationwide
Age of business: four years
Size of business: 800+ Clients, £1m turnover
Number of partners: three