Life before FreeAgent

FreeAgent has become part and parcel of how we work with our clients at Maslins. I used to spend hours driving from client to client, wrestling with ancient software packages that no-one seemed to understand.

“I don't need a car any more!”

Now I use FreeAgent’s cloud accounting software, I can work with clients from all over the country without having to leave my office - in fact, I don’t need a car anymore! With FreeAgent, all my clients’ bookkeeping data is in one place and the information I need is at my fingertips.

“We insist that any new clients of ours use FreeAgent”

My clients and I can view their accounts together in real time, which makes it far easier for me to give them relevant and accurate advice. Over the years, I’ve found that I can work far more effectively with my clients when they all use FreeAgent and we now insist that any new client of ours uses the software.

Attracting new clients

As we actively market Maslins as a FreeAgent premium partner, we find that many new clients are already aware of FreeAgent when they come to us. In many cases, it’s actually what brings them to us in the first place! To any accountants out there who are considering a move to cloud accounting software, I’d say go for it: you’ll save a lot of time and start working more efficiently with your clients.

Seeing the benefits

Begin by introducing the software to your most technically savvy clients and then encourage all your other customers to start using it over time. You’ll really see the benefit once they do!

Chris Maslin

Chris Maslin, Founder
Practice name: Maslins Chartered Accountants
Location: Tunbridge Wells
Age of business: 8 years
Size of business: 350+ clients