Searching for user-friendly software

Umbrella was formed five years ago and currently has three partners, 20 employees and over a thousand clients within the engineering, medical and IT sectors throughout the UK. Last July they decided to change the software they were using as it wasn’t user-friendly and their clients simply weren’t engaging with it. “We’d been struggling with software that had reasonable back-end functionality but a very poor user interface and a concentration on “Take Home Pay” rather than the more important aspects of running a Limited Company.”

“The support from FreeAgent is excellent.”

Enter FreeAgent. Umbrella looked at Xero, Kashflow and SageOne but ultimately chose FreeAgent because “the user interface was streets ahead of our previous supplier. Another huge selling point was that full assistance and training were provided as well as a comprehensive plan that enabled us to transition with almost no disruption at all for the entire base. The support from FreeAgent is excellent. All of our clients are very impressed with FreeAgent and the increase in client engagement reflects that.”

Providing more value

“We’ve also freed up the accountants’ time and have been able to provide much more value. We like to stay in touch with our clients anyway so the contact levels haven’t dropped, it’s more that the contact is more to do with providing proactive advice rather than fixing problems and explaining how to raise an invoice.”

Free to concentrate on growing

“We now have faith that our software platform will remain more than up-to-date and provide the functionality we need. That leaves us free to concentrate on growing the business. We’ve gained clients from the FreeAgent accountant directory and promote the software wherever we can as the brand is strong and we gain from it by association.”

Neil Armitage

Neil Armitage, Operations Director
Practice name: Umbrella
Location: Nationwide
Age of business: five years
Size of business: 1,000+ clients
Number of partners: three