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Private sector contractor clients caught under IR35?

Save your private sector contractor clients from any nasty surprises at tax time with FreeAgent's integrated IR35 functionality.

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Contractor clients working in the private sector caught under IR35?

FreeAgent's automated IR35 compliance functionality
is included at no extra cost:

  • Clients simply identify IR35 projects by ticking a box
  • The software calculates potential deemed payments so you can advise your clients how much salary to draw each month
  • You can easily generate a month-by-month overview of deemed payments and how they are calculated
  • You save valuable time, while helping your clients stay compliant
  • Revise your clients’ payslips to reflect the deemed payment calculation and submit directly to HMRC

Help your private sector contractor clients know where they stand

FreeAgent’s real-time IR35 feature allows your private sector contractor clients to flag projects with IR35-related income and expenditure.

This will create an IR35 report that automatically calculates the correct deemed payment amount, helping you to give your clients clarity on their monthly deemed payments – saving you time and ensuring your contractor clients always know where they stand.

IR35 island map

January calendar

Getting it right first time

A month-by-month view of your clients’ minimum salary payments will ensure that they always pay at least the deemed payment.

FreeAgent performs IR35 calculations in real-time each month, so there are no nasty surprises at year end.

Louise Clark
“FreeAgent’s IR35 report brings all the relevant information together in one place and calculates the potential deemed payment sum automatically, allowing us to revise that month's payslip before RTI submission. This saves us loads of time hunting down the figures, enabling us to provide more real-time accounting advice to clients.”
Louise Clark, Accounting Operations Manager, JSA

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