A better way to work with your micro-business clients

FreeAgent’s award-winning cloud accounting software has transformed the way accountants work with their micro-business clients; it’s powerful and robust enough to meet the needs of accountants and easy to use for micro-businesses.

FreeAgent allows you to:

  • see all your clients’ accounts in one place
  • set alerts
  • view exactly what your clients see and control their access

As a FreeAgent partner you’ll benefit from Edinburgh-based support (phone and email), unlimited bank feeds and your clients will be provided with unrestricted access to all of FreeAgent’s features, with permission levels set by you.

No lock-ins, extended contracts or other hidden costs

FreeAgent is completely free for you to sign up to. You’ll only pay for licences as and when you add clients to your FreeAgent dashboard. There are no lock-ins, extended contracts or other hidden costs. The more clients you have using FreeAgent, the less you pay per client.

Get an extra 10% discount on FreeAgent

As an ACCA member, you’ll receive an extra 10% discount off the prices below, for the first six months you’re with us.

No. of licenses Discount from the list price Price per license for sole traders Price per license for partnerships Price per license for limited companies
Friendly 1 - 9 30% £13.30 £16.80 £20.30
Partner 10 - 99 40% £11.40 £14.40 £17.40
Premium partner 100+ 50% £9.50 £12.00 £14.50