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How accountants can thrive in the digital era - lessons from the travel industry

Learn from the travel industry's well-documented shift to the cloud and discover how to leverage the cloud's potential to save time and money, and offer more value to your clients.

Over the years, the role of technology has changed immeasurably across a wide variety of sectors. The travel agency industry - which once relied on more traditional methods to interact with clients and suppliers - has had one of the best-documented shifts to the cloud. What can the accountancy industry learn from this shift, and how can cloud accounting software help accountants prosper, particularly in light of today's digital tax agenda?

Read on to find out:

  • how technology has driven change in businesses
  • how accountants can offer more value to their clients with the advent of new technology
  • how to harness the potential of cloud accounting software to increase your profitability
Travel Agent Whitepaper