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Find out how you can manage your property finances in FreeAgent and be ready for MTD for Income Tax.

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Manage your property finances

Use the ‘Property’ feature to record your property income and costs in an easy and intuitive way, and view the profitability of each property.

Automated admin for your rental income

All the other relevant features of FreeAgent are included, so you can automate many aspects of the process of recording rental income.

Easy collaboration with your accountant

Your accountant will have real-time access to your data in FreeAgent, allowing you to work together more effectively.

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If you earn more than £50,000 a year from property and/or self-employment, Making Tax Digital for Income Tax will affect you from April 2026. You’ll have to use MTD-compatible software to keep digital records and make the required tax submissions to HMRC.

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Mettle and FreeAgent

If you earn money as a landlord, it’s a good idea to have a separate bank account for your property business. Discover the free business account that gives you access to FreeAgent.

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