FreeAgent Friday - the organisation edition

This week, we’re looking at how can you build better organisational skills - and what the actual benefits of getting organised are for your life and your business.

Improve your health

It seems that being organised doesn’t just help you to plan your work more effectively - it could also be beneficial for your health. Studies suggest that good organisational skills like managing your time effectively could help lower stress levels, while procrastination could be damaging to your mental - and physical - well-being. And a cluttered workspace could even result in Irritable Desk Syndrome. Look out for the risks and organise yourself into a healthier working life.

Take it one step at a time

Better organisation doesn’t happen overnight - and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by trying to change too much too soon. It seems that it’s better to identify one unhealthy behaviour at a time< and focus on improving these individually. Psychologists refer to this model as the “Stages of Change”, where you prepare for a wider goal through a gradual progression of small steps. And remember to also reward yourself for completing each step.

Learn from successful people

Managing your time efficiently and being super organised are key personality traits of many successful entrepreneurs, so could you be learning their secrets to improve your own performance? Try following Richard Branson’s business management mantra - or use some of the great time management tips and productivity advice that the world’s top CEOs swear by to improve your own organisational skills.

Use the right tech

We’ve sung the praises of productivity apps like Evernote in previous editions of FreeAgent Friday, but there’s a wealth of other awesome tech out there to help you stay more organised. We particularly like the mobile personal organiser app Cue and lifestyle tracker Habit List, but if you’re looking for some great ideas for tech to keep you more organised check out these recommendations from Business Insider and Daily Tekk.

Is there a great method you use to stay organised in your business? Or do you think there are some awesome organising tips that we’ve missed? Hit us up on twitter or leave a comment to let us know. Have a great weekend everybody!

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