How to make your business dazzle like a firework this Bonfire Night

Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, where bonfires burn and the skies light up with spectacular fireworks.

So, getting into the spirit of Bonfire Night, here are a few fun tips that can light up your business!

Aim straight like a rocket

No business can possibly supply all its customers’ potential needs. When you buy a car, you don’t expect a sports car to have a big boot for carrying goods, nor would you be disappointed if a small hatchback couldn't accelerate up to 150mph in seconds. You buy for your particular needs, and car makers know that. They don’t build any cars which try to fulfil every single possible customer requirement.

So plan your strategy carefully, and always keep it in mind. Stick to what you are best at, your business niche, and don’t let potential customers distract you away from your chosen path if they want something different.

Don't be short-lived like a mine

Mines erupt suddenly and spectacularly, but they also die down just as fast. How can you make sure that your business will stand the test of time? Are you in touch with industry trends, in terms of what is popular and what isn't, and how your competitors are setting their prices? Do you have enough cash available? Don’t let your business burn out quickly!

Do something special occasionally like a Roman candle

Roman candles burn steadily and gently, but just occasionally they will send out a shower of stars or comets. This is what makes them more interesting to watch.

What could your business do as a special offer or promotion, to keep your customers interested? What about a new partnership deal, or a discount for loyal customers? Or an event? With Christmas looming over the horizon, a customer Christmas party could go down very well!

Don't get your fingers burnt on a sparkler

Who doesn't enjoy waving round a sparkler and writing patterns in the air? But if you touch the wrong end after the sparkler has gone out - ow!

Large business customers can be a bit like sparklers. They are very exciting to work with, and can offer you lots of potential new opportunities, but they are also notorious for taking too long to pay their bills, demanding discounts, and trying to draw you out of your niche.

Enjoy the ride but don’t get your fingers burnt!

Don’t spin in circles like a Catherine Wheel

Keeping your paperwork up to date is vitally important for the smooth running of your business. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to find that vital piece of paper when you need it - and then you will be running round in circles trying to find it, which will take up time that you could be spending making sales and earning more cash.

Invest just one hour a week to keep your business paperwork and records in good order and you will find it much easier to shoot for the stars!

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