Do workers dream of electric bosses? 31% say they would be happy to work for a 'robo-boss'

Would you work for a robot? With the Bank Of England projecting that up to 15 million jobs could be at risk of being automated, the prospect of people and machines working side by side is no longer restricted to the world of Blade Runner: it could become a reality. We surveyed 1,000 people working in the UK* to find out how they felt about the notion of working for a boss who is “more human than human”.

The results revealed that nearly a third of working people in the UK (31%) would be happy to work for a robot boss, with 11% of respondents even predicting that a ‘robo-boss’ would be more efficient than a person. Meanwhile, one in 10 said they thought working for a robot boss would be “just the same” as answering to a person, and four out of ten (42%) also said that they would be “comfortable” taking orders from a robot.

We spoke to our CEO and co-founder, Ed, about the results of the survey and what the rise of the ‘robo-boss’ could mean for the self-employment sector:

“Although it might be many years before we see physical robots taking over the workforce, many workers are already anticipating the changes that automation will bring in the years ahead.

“The shifting landscape of AI and new technology will have a major impact on people in employment, but I don’t think that this is a gloomy outlook for the workforce. Previous research we’ve carried out has suggested that many employed people are keen to quit their jobs and start their own businesses. So as automation takes a more prominent role in the workforce, it’s likely we could see a self-employment boom in the future.

“In this scenario, automation will actually be a major benefit for these new businesses, as technological advances will make business admin and data management much easier to manage than ever before.”

*The survey was carried out by 3Gem in August 2017.

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