Stuck in a rut? Here’s 5 things that can boost your creativity

5 things that can boost your creativity

Creativity can be a very important skill to nurture when you’re running a business - but it’s also one that can easily go astray and leave you struggling for ideas. So here’s a few tips for re-stimulating your creative self when you’re feeling uninspired.

Put a record on

Stuck in a creative rut? Then you may want to put your headphones on and crank up the tunes. Research suggests that listening to music not only makes people happier, but can also fuel their imagination and make them more creative at work, which means an epic Spotify playlist may just be the best way to get your juices flowing. Check out this article from How Design magazine to see some interesting examples of how designers use music to influence their creativity at work.

Deprive your senses

At the other extreme, if you want to boost your imagination you may want to try blocking out external stimuli altogether. Studies suggest that sensory deprivation can have a major effect on your creativity, as your brain is no longer occupied by daily distractions and, instead, is able to wander freely. But if you don’t fancy a session in an isolation tank just yet, why not try stepping away from the office and cutting out the typical stresses of your working day? Schedule some regular mental downtime and you could see your creative thinking start to bloom.

Learn a new language

Not everyone can be a multilingual expert able to switch between languages with ease - but if you’re looking to think more creatively you may want to brush up on the French or Spanish you learned at school. Researchers have found that bilingual speakers are more adapt at “divergent thinking” - where there brain is able to generate a variety of solutions to any given problem - which means they tend to be more creative than single language speakers.

Work in a coffee shop

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is a famous advocate of working in coffee shops for inspiration - and it seems that she has science on her side. Research has found that the ideal environment for working on a creative project is one with a low level of ambient background noise, such as a typical coffee shop. In fact, the noise is so conducive to creativity that developers have even created an app - Coffitivity - that replicates the ambient noise of a cafe, in order to give desk-bound creatives a boost.

Paint your office blue

It’s been long-established by psychologists that different colours can affect your mood, but they can also have a big impact on the way your creative mind works too. Studies show that people who surround themselves with the colour red are able to recall information more clearly than others, while those subjected to blue surroundings are more likely to think creatively. So if you’ve got a project that requires you to be at your creative best, perhaps it’s time to redecorate your office?

How do you boost your creativity at work? Leave a comment or hit us up on twitter and let us know. Have a great weekend!

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