The little details that can make customer service amazing

When you’re running a business, sometimes it’s the little ways that you interact with your customers that can make a big difference. Here are some examples of businesses that delighted their customers with the small things:

Having fun with everyday interactions

Businesses get customer support requests every day, and these small interactions are a great opportunity to brighten up to your customer’s day. This article rounds up examples of businesses who bring a smile with their support, including Netflix, who turned a display problem into a Star Trek geek-fest, and a delivery company that battled a Minotaur to deliver a customer’s package!

Making your customers’ problems your own

Sometimes, just being there with the customer to share the load of solving their problem is what they really need. When a passenger accidentally dropped her passport into a mailbox, a Delta employee immediately took control of the problem, personally walking the passenger through the difficult customs and immigration problems to help her fly that day. And when a shopper in Nordstrom’s department store realised that the diamond had fallen out of her engagement ring, store employees helped her search for it, and even combed through vacuum cleaner bags until they had recovered the diamond.

Saying “thank you”

Taking the time to say a special thank-you can really make a big impact on making your customers feel special. In this great example, Samsung replied to a customer’s cheeky request for a free phone in exchange for a picture of a dragonwith a suitably funny drawing of a kangaroo. It could have ended there, but as a thank-you for helping the exchange go viral, Samsung later sent the customer a one-of-a-kind phone, meticulously customised with the original dragon drawing.

Turning the little touches into a whole job

Instead of waiting for great customer service opportunities to present themselves, some companies set aside time (and employees) to proactively look for ways to delight customers. In this example, a United Airlines customer care employee saw that a frequent flyer’s flight was delayed, so he found an open seat on an upcoming flight, booked it for the passenger, then tracked down the passenger in the airport to get him on his new flight. Not every business can dedicate an employee to delighting customers, but even setting aside some regular time to look out for potential problems can pay dividends.

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