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Video: an introduction to VAT by HMRC

We know that VAT can be a confusing topic for small businesses; our chief accountant, Emily, nicknames it “Very Awkward Tax” for a reason!

With this in mind, we teamed up once again with our friends at HMRC to produce a webinar introducing some of the key principles of VAT for businesses.

If you’ve ever felt confused by VAT, or if you’re simply unsure how it affects your business, this webinar will come in very handy. Presented by HMRC, the session covers:

  • what VAT is and how it works
  • when you need (or can choose) to register for VAT
  • what you must do once you're registered
  • how and when to claim, charge and pay VAT

Looking for more support?

If you’d like to learn more about VAT after watching the webinar recording, why not head over to our VAT hub page, where you’ll find lots of helpful articles and other resources to help you get to grips with VAT!

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