Home truths: 10 things everyone who works from home knows

It’s National Work From Home Day today! If you’re lucky enough to regularly kick back at home while getting a tonne of work done (or just getting through a lot of snacks), how many of these WFH truths do you recognise?

1. The morning smugness is real

Bask in the warm glow of WFH smugness as you watch people trudge through the cold and rain to the bus stop. Then enjoy your cosy five second commute down the corridor.

waving through window

2. Mealtimes blur into one

When the fridge is only a few steps away, your day can easily turn into a grazefest. Gotta keep your energy up, right?

snacking all day

3. A nap is perfectly permissible

Frowned upon the last time you tried it in an office, a cheeky midday nap (under your desk or perhaps somewhere slightly more comfy) is perfectly acceptable when you work from home. After all, research has shown that naps improve can thinking and memory skills, and even makes the brain perform as if it was five years younger!

nap under desk

4. Working in your nightwear happens

Some people like the structure that getting properly dressed in a morning gives them, others not so much. If you’re more of a creature of comfort, WFH gives you the perfect opportunity to keep it as casual as you like.


5. Chores aren’t a chore

Weekends are for fun, not catching up on laundry. WFH means you get the drudge work done around the real work. #win

chores between work

6. Your pet thinks it’s Christmas every day

You’ve become a master of working with a wriggling, snoozing, or generally ecstatic pet somehow attached to you. Even if you work at home all the time, it never gets old for your furry friend(s).

happy pet

7. Work can happen in weird positions

Do you think better sprawled out on the sofa? Lying on the ground? Propped up in bed with with your laptop held above your head? When your whole home is your office, every surface is a potential desk.

working in funny positions

8. Working outdoors ain’t as great as it sounds

You make sure you post a sundrenched Instagram snap of your outdoor laptop and lemonade combo every time the weather hits double figures. In reality though, wasps, sunburn and the annoying glare on your screen usually makes you pack up and head back indoors pretty sharpish.

working outside

9. Technology develops a devious sixth sense

Important Skype call with a client looming? On a deadline and need to email a document RIGHT THIS MINUTE? Your internet connection will choose that very moment to start playing up.

technology playing up

10. You do actually get work done!

Despite what some might think, your home can give you a focused, interruption-free, creative environment that means you’re at optimum productivity - a survey found that nearly six in 10 workers believe they get more done working from home than in an office. Now you just have to convince those office-dwelling sceptics!

disbelieving friends

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