Idea15 Web Design Case Study

Heather Burns is a sole trader working from home. She launched her web design agency, Idea15 Web Design, two years ago and has grown it steadily with an eclectic mix of clients from charities to consultancies.

Using FreeAgent was a pivotal point for Heather as it helped her make the psychological transition from freelancer to small business owner.


Heather started experimenting a year ago with a variety of book keeping methods from home-made Excel spreadsheets to DIY accounting kits from WH Smith. This approach felt slow, piecemeal and unprofessional.


Giving FreeAgent a shot, Heather was immediately impressed at how user friendly and accessible the service was. She was particularly impressed by the fact that FreeAgent is not a faceless website without a human voice. Founders Ed, Olly and Roan are all available to speak to and genuinely want to help users and make the service the best it can be.

This makes FreeAgent a good fit for a freelancer or small business working in a fast moving sector like web design. “If you see an area that can be improved it is easy to speak to one of the owners and make a suggestion. They then, edit the site to integrate your feedback,” says Heather.

Crucially FreeAgent is also aimed at the service industry, differentiating it from complicated software packages like Sage and QuickBooks which are far more useful to businesses with large inventories and a supply chain.


Heather did not wait for the thirty day trial to be up before getting stuck right in with FreeAgent. Today it takes her 30 minutes a month to keep her finances up to date. And it took her less than an hour to submit her taxes this year with most of that time spent figuring out the Inland Revenue website.

FreeAgent's integration with PayPal for invoice payment means that Heather has never waited more than a week for anyone to pay her invoices. Clearly this is also testament to the quality of her work and very satisfied clients!

The new feature FreeAgent has developed to scan and upload expense receipts is particularly useful as these can be linked to specific transactions on a bank statement.

Going out on your own in business is terrifying. Get a tool like this and it is easy.

Heather Burns of Idea15 Web Design

Heather Burns
Idea15 Web Design
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