User Testimonials

  • Real-time accounting provides us with critical insight into our business...

    Matthew Hall

    We've been using FreeAgent since 2009, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we do business.

    Real-time accounting provides us with critical insight into our business which allows us to make fast decisions and ultimately become more dynamic and competitive in the marketplace.

    Automatic invoice reminder emails reduce our admin costs chasing debts, while VAT and Payroll processing and filing features save us huge amounts of form filling and re-typing of data.

    The flexible API extensions have allowed us to integrate several of our own systems into FreeAgent, further automating processes, reducing errors and improving efficiency.

    All this adds up to a very comprehensive system that we use on a daily basis. I am happy to see continued improvements and new features in the system and regularly recommend FreeAgent to my contacts.

    Matthew Hall | Hallway Studios

  • Moving to FreeAgent is one of those decisions I wish I'd made sooner.

    Stephen Pavlovich

    We are super impressed with FreeAgent. It's saving us hours each month. Invoicing now takes a couple of minutes. Logging expenses is no longer a chore (and means we all get paid quicker). And the graphs and reporting mean we now have a crystal clear understanding of who owes what (and what we owe).

    To top it all off, the support has been brilliant - quick, helpful and personal.

    Moving to FreeAgent is one of those decisions I wish I'd made sooner.

    Stephen Pavlovich | Wish

  • FreeAgent is one of the few services I gladly pay for and recommend to friends.

    Chris Dunst

    As a freelance web designer, I need to spend as much time as I can working with clients and writing code. One thing I don't want to have to think about too much is invoicing and finance. This is where FreeAgent is a god-send. It enables me to create and track invoices with ease, and gives me a clear view of cashflow and tax in one place.

    From experience designing web interfaces myself I know most people only think about a user interface when it performs poorly. The FreeAgent user interface however is clean and clear so you don't have to think about using it, which is how it should be. Little touches, such as auto-completion, and linking clients and expenses make the difference. It just works.

    I make use of a lot of free open-source software, but FreeAgent is one of the few services I gladly pay for and recommend to friends.

    Chris Dunst | Seven Pixels

  • We are still discovering new ways FreeAgent can help us all the time.

    Chris Gilchrist

    As an expanding web design & search engine optimisation firm there’s software and tools we use every day that we just cannot live without. FreeAgent is near the top of that list because it saves us time, money and hassle.

    Since we started using FreeAgent some amazing things have happened.

    Invoicing our clients each month takes 1 hour instead of 1 day. We can create and edit invoices or view a list of debtors, both of which take just minutes to do.

    FreeAgent sends out reminder emails to all of our clients both before and after invoices are due. This saves us roughly 1 day a month, helps us get paid on time and the clients really appreciate being reminded an invoice is nearly due so they don’t miss out on their prompt payment discounts.

    We are still discovering new ways FreeAgent can help us all the time.

    We previously tried to bring some of our accounting in house to reduce the cost and hassles involved in using an accounting firm but the overheads and headaches it created made it impractical.

    FreeAgent has made this possible and it’s ridiculously cheap. We cannot praise their support team enough who amaze us with their speed and knowledge any time we have a question.

    Chris Gilchrist | Hit Reach

  • The amount of paperwork and lost administration time FreeAgent cuts is incredible

    Tom Shurville

    As a small SEO agency, we wanted an accounts package that would let us concentrate on our core business and not have to worry about our accounts, FreeAgent does this and so much more. Having previously kept records using Excel, we love the simplicity of FreeAgent, from the recurring invoice function to be able to submit VAT and TAX returns directly to HMRC. It really does take the pain out of accounting!

    Our favourite function is the expense tracking tool that enables team members to be able to upload their own expenses, with receipts, or approval. The amount of paperwork and lost administration time FreeAgent cuts is incredible, and also gives staff confidence their expenses will be returned promptly

    Tom Shurville | Distinctly Digital

  • FreeAgent stands out like a chocolate truffle in a box full of dry biscuits

    Aaron Witcher

    As a growing confectionery company, we don’t want to spend too much time organising our banking, calculating taxes and sending invoices – we’d rather be out selling tasty treats! So it’s vital for us to have an intuitive accounting system behind us, and that’s what FreeAgent brings to the table.

    Take handling VAT for example. FreeAgent clearly applies the relevant amount of VAT to each eligible transaction you carry out, presents the totals as they would need to be entered on the HMRC site, and then gives you the option of paying there and then using your HMRC login details - without even having to leave FreeAgent!

    Invoicing is easy too, with a range of clean and attractive templates that can be quickly and easily updated with the necessary information, and sent out at the touch of a button.

    The list of benefits is long, and growing too as they add new features, so all I would say if you’re not sure is to give the free trial a go – you’ve got nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

    FreeAgent stands out like a chocolate truffle in a box full of dry biscuits - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

    Aaron Witcher | The Big Yum Ltd

  • Our profitability (and happiness) began to rise

    Joshua Pinter

    FreeAgent has allowed my web development company to cut administration time in half whilst doubling our profits. FreeAgent makes it painless to keep track of hours, invoice the client and then collect payment from the client.

    Our company deals with recurring billing and setting up a recurring invoice is extremely easy with FreeAgent. I first signed up to FreeAgent to deal with yearly website hosting invoices being sent to multiple clients at different times of the year.

    In the same time it took to manually create invoices for each of the clients, I had added each of my clients' contact information to FreeAgent, created recurring invoice profiles for each of them and had FreeAgent automatically send off an email with a PDF invoice and a PayPal link. Now I don't even think about those recurring invoices, I just keep getting cheques in the mail and payments via PayPal. It's an absolute blessing.

    In addition, we started tracking project profitability in FreeAgent and have found that because the system is so simple to use, our team was motivated to enter in their time, even on smaller items that tend to slip through the cracks but add up overall.

    This brought the project's profitability to the forefront, giving us a direct view of the number of non-billable hours and expenses compared with what we were ultimately invoicing. In turn, estimates and invoices became more accurate and our profitability (and happiness) began to rise.

    I used to want to keep FreeAgent a secret, thinking it was an advantage to be using it, but some things you can't keep to yourself, they're too good. Now I sing it's praises as much as I sing our own company's praises. Well done FreeAgent Team, you've made a fan over here.

    Joshua Pinter | Oxygen Webs

  • Investing in FreeAgent was the best decision I made all year. Seriously.

    Orman Clark

    What I know about accounting can be written on the back of a matchbox. What's more, with the daily operations of running a growing business taking up so much time and effort, I doubt that knowledge will ever grow.

    FreeAgent has taken as much pain out of the accounting side of business as is possible and it's ability to manage the growth of my business has been fantastic. Starting as a Sole Trader, FreeAgent managed my banking, invoicing and self assessment with ease. After incorporating to a Limited company, the transition to managing all the above plus corporation Tax, Expenses and VAT was seamless. Even my accountant uses FreeAgent. Nice.

    I cannot recommend FreeAgent enough. If you're like me and want to spend the time running your business actually running the business, then this is for you.

    Orman Clark |

  • FreeAgent gives you free time to change the world

    Rob Clews

    'It used to be a nightmare' is not an understatement of how difficult managing the spreadsheets used to be, as one of our volunteers would literally spend hours slaving over the accounts.

    FreeAgent doesn't only reduce the burden but it makes accounting simple, fun and accessible. Just as importantly, we can allow our volunteers to submit expenses claims themselves, through our own portal, we can write invoices to our partner organisations and monitor the accounts all in one place, all online and all of it secure.

    What's more – we've freed up our time to focus on what really matters – continuing to change the world and encouraging young people to take positive action on climate change. With FreeAgent to hand, there's no hassle, no stress and no mess – just an accounting system which continues to innovate and impress.

    The UK Youth Climate Coalition is a non-profit organisation which aims to inspire, empower and mobilise young people to take positive action on climate change. They are driven entirely by young volunteers, all of which are under the ages of 25, who are based across the country and supported by FreeAgent's accounting software.

    Rob Clews | UK Youth Climate Coalition

  • No question, this is the webapp of 2010 for me

    Jon Moss

    Having run my own company for over three years now, I am sad, frustrated and annoyed.

    Sad, frustrated and annoyed that I didn't use FreeAgent from day one!

    I'm very organised when it comes to my business, but there was one area which did seem to be a little woolly. The accounts. Invoicing and billing were pretty good, but it was the VAT and corporation tax which caused me concern.

    Having switched to FreeAgent it has transformed the way I operate. My expenses and mileage logging is now accurate for the very first time, the automation of thank you emails and invoice reminders is great, and as to the tax - perfection.

    No question, this is the webapp of 2010 for me.

    Jon Moss | HDLive

  • I feel back in control of my business

    Andy Marshall

    Before FreeAgent, our business accounts were a backwater swamp of paper, spreadsheets, haphazard time-tracking and sketchy project awareness. In just a few weeks, FreeAgent had turned it into a slick, well-oiled and organised powerhouse of accurate project and cash flow management.

    Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly), I actually enjoy managing our accounts now! I feel back in control of my business.

    Andy Marshall | Moogaloo

  • FreeAgent did things I didn't even know I wanted and now cannot live without

    Dave Ellis

    When I stumbled upon FreeAgent I didn't really know what I was looking for, I only knew that my previous way of accounting wasn't working, I was getting way behind with everything - invoicing, tracking time, expenses and the rest!

    That's when I started using FreeAgent, I quickly found out the FreeAgent did things I didn't even know I wanted and now cannot live without. It's taken all the pain out of managing my business and It's pretty sad to say that I actually enjoying doing my accounts now!

    Dave Ellis | NoVolume

  • Makes running my business a simpler, more enjoyable, experience

    Katy Bairstow

    When we started Mojo Media last year, we spent an inordinate amount of time trying out the major accounting software packages, working out how we were going to ensure that our local data was reliably backed up and how on earth we would get that data efficiently to our accountants. It seemed to be a logistical nightmare and a time-sink we couldn't afford.

    We'd heard mention of FreeAgent and were amazed to find it was the solution to all of our problems at a very competitive price. Everyone in the team can login and update their hours, upload bills and receipts for expenses, even on the go. Because everything is in FreeAgent and we have hardcopies at the office, the need for complex backup systems is removed. Our accountants are also FreeAgent savvy so there are no spreadsheets flying around in email either.

    The bottom line for us, is the time saving. FreeAgent saves us about four hours a week in tedious accounting practices, whilst giving us better quality performance data than we could hope to get from another software package.

    With a dedicated team constantly working to add features and functionality, such as automated late-payment reminders and multi-currency invoicing, it becomes even better value for money each month. FreeAgent makes running my business a simpler, more enjoyable, experience and I'd recommend it to everyone.

    Katy Bairstow | Mojo Media

  • It has transformed the admin side of my business

    Andy Lobban

    I have been a freelance designer for 3 years now. I'm much more of a designer than a business person, so accounting, estimating and invoicing has never come naturally to me. As a result, it was often overlooked, until I started using FreeAgent.

    After a year of use, it has transformed the admin side of my business. I keep on top of estimating, invoicing and accounts, without even really trying. I know when invoices are due to be paid and which ones are overdue at a glance. Uploading of bank statements means it takes me around 30 minutes per month to keep all my accounting up to date. Quick, simple, visual comparisons of accounts month on month are also something that helps a lot, and are something I never had before.

    I love that FreeAgent is geared towards small businesses, and I would urge anyone in a similar situation to give it a try.

    Andy Lobban | Nonimage

  • Since switching to FreeAgent my profits have gone up

    Andy Stewart

    Since switching to FreeAgent my profits have gone up and I have the wonderful feeling of knowing my company's exact financial position all the time. I spend maybe one hour per month on the accounts, including invoicing, leaving me lots more time than I used to have for billable client work. My accountant can find the information she needs much faster too, and consequently gives me better advice while charging me less.

    Not only is the FreeAgent software first-class, the team behind it are friendly, helpful and quick to respond. In fact they set the standard that all other companies try to live up to.

    Andy Stewart | Airblade Software

  • Simplified my accounts and took the stress away

    Mark Crosby

    I set up my business and for 12 months used spreadsheets to keep track of my money, every month I hated doing the accounts and had to keep on asking advice off accountants or Google.

    Then I found Freeagent, which simplified my accounts, took the stress away and changed my one day a month into thirty minutes a month. It enabled me to centralise my invoicing, bills, bank accounts and quotes into their cloud system, and rather than my accounts being an admin nightmare I began to enjoy it.

    The small price I pay for Freeagent is worth every penny. It even works out our tax and VAT for us, so these don't become a headache. I fully recommend Freeagent for any small business.

    Mark Crosby | Blue Cherry

  • The support is absolutely first class

    Mark Perkins

    I used to run a small non-profit organisation, and we did all our bookkeeping through Quickbooks. Not being very money-minded I didn't get on with it very well and used to feel that I spent more time doing my accounts that working on the business - not an ideal situation.

    When I started working as a freelance web developer, I knew I needed something more intuitive, that could deal with my invoicing needs but also help me keep on top of my cashflow and tax liabilities without sucking up all my time. FreeAgent fitted that bill and more! It's a real pleasure to use - it doesn't feel like 'bookkeeping' at all - and it really helps me to manage my time and projects as well. And perhaps most importantly of all the support is absolutely first class.

    I honestly don't know what I would do without it now!

    Mark Perkins | Medium

  • I pay my accountant less

    Giles Brown

    Before using Freeagent I was slow to send estimates and invoices. My receipts sometimes got lost, expenses forgotten and clients would delay payment.

    This is my third financial year using Freeagent which solves these problems. I enjoy updating my accounts myself which means I pay my accountant less. The best part is that I have a clear understanding of how my business is performing.

    I have recently started to use some of the service that Freeagent integrates with and I see this saving me even more time. My thanks to the Freeagent team for a great product

    Giles Brown | Kyomedia Ltd

  • Lets me concentrate on the stuff I'm getting paid to do

    Simon Maddox

    I wouldn't be able to run my Ltd company without FreeAgent. It takes all of the hassle and complication out of it, and lets me concentrate on the stuff I'm getting paid to do!

    Simon Maddox | Sensible Duck Ltd

  • The cornerstone of my accounting process

    Chris Hough

    I used many invoicing and accounting systems before FreeAgent, all fell by the way-side when I saw how powerful and easy to use the FreeAgent system was. FreeAgent is the cornerstone of my accounting process.

    Chris Hough | Natural Ranks

  • I was a slave to Sage for years

    Kevin Partner

    Congratulations on an excellent product. I was a slave to Sage for years (I even had to employ someone 3 days a week specifically to feed that particular monster) and now I reckon I spend 2-3 hours a month on my accounts and have much more useful information provided to me. I almost enjoy it...

    Kevin Partner | Scribble It

  • We would recommend FAC to anyone (in fact we already are!)

    Benjamin Dell

    Words can't express how impressed we have been with FreeAgentCentral. Although we have only been using it for a total of 7 days, in this time we have imported 5 years worth of accounts, set-up recurring invoices and can, for the first time, track profitability over time.

    What has struck us as perhaps the most salient of the benefits, is FAC's overall design and user interface. It is user friendly, intuitive and dare I say it, fun to use.

    We would recommend FAC to anyone (in fact we already are!)

    Benjamin Dell | Raw Jam Ltd

  • If you need more than just invoicing and you're in the UK, FreeAgent rocks

    Mark Panay

    As a long time user of Freshbooks (and avid fan) we've always struggled with the rest of our accounting needs; jumping from XL to Quickbooks and even small OSX based apps (Cha Ching!). The balance of ease of use, simple reporting and a standard UK based system that could deal with flat fee VAT has frankly always eluded us. Until we found Free Agent through Twitter!

    Within two days, we'd ported all our accounts across and even retrospectively put in this years invoices (to get the VAT up to speed), it was very easy and intuitive. The "transaction explanations" ability to "read my mind" is awesome and makes dealing with incoming recurring payments a dream".

    Like I said, I love Freshbooks, but if you need more than just invoicing and you're in the UK, FreeAgent rocks. One of the based online apps, full stop.

    Mark Panay | Simple Web

  • FreeAgent saves us time, money, effort and hassle

    Mat Durham

    I run a web design company. Our accounts are fairly basic, but our understanding of tax is limited to say the least. We examined sage, quickbooks and many hosted packages, but found them confusing and over the top for our needs. Then we tried FreeAgent; FreeAgent saves us time, money, effort and hassle. If you run a similar business, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    FreeAgent is so simple that you can begin using it without any instruction. If you are particularly baffled by anything, the ever present 'help' button provides simple, no-nonsense explanations which will be understood by the least tax-savvy person.

    Although there are many features we don't use, FreeAgent gives the impression that the software does everything we need it to and nothing more. The ability to upload bills, import bank statements and work out exactly what we're making and what we owe, at any given moment, is priceless. We don't need to perform any complex calculations. We simply tell FreeAgent what we know and it does all the rest.

    The icing on the cake is the ability to provide our accountant with login details. With a minimum amount of fuss or hassle, he can log in and talk to HMRC without any involvement from our end.

    I used to hate the word 'accounting' with a passion. Now, I'm actually looking forward to this years accounts. There's something incredibly satisfying about breezing through something which was once so difficult!

    Mat Durham | Skyblu Web Design

  • FreeAgent is so easy to use, it’s just a great tool

    Suzanne Watts

    I love using FreeAgent to keep track of my business! As a new business owner I was overwhelmed with how to keep track of my customers, my expenses, my invoices, and all the things you have to track as a business owner. When looking for an accounting software package, most were overpriced and hard to use. I was so frustrated and ready to give up. Then a colleague suggested FreeAgent. After a quick look at the product, I signed up. It took me less than 20 minutes to setup my business and start using FreeAgent! Anytime I have had a question, the company has been very responsive. FreeAgent is so easy to use, it’s just a great tool.

    Now when a customer calls me and wants to know how much consulting time they have left, I can login and tell them right away. My clients love the invoices I send them and how much detail I can give them on projects I am working on for them. It is great having all my business information at my fingertips on the web. I totally suggest that business owners use this tool!

    Suzanne Watts | PTAC Helper

  • It has saved me so much time and allows me to see an accurate picture of my business instantly

    Richard Allum

    I have been running two businesses through FreeAgent for several months now and I just wanted to write and say how good the application is. It has saved me so much time and allows me to see an accurate picture of my business instantly. Unlike my previous software, I actually enjoy using it.

    Richard Allum | ParaPlan Plus

  • a benchmark standard in your customer support that other companies could learn a lot from

    Matt Stocker

    Also I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent customer support - I have been very impressed with both the promptness, friendliness and responsiveness of the service you provide every time I have had cause to need help or an answer on FAC. Get Satisfaction is a great tool, but to really work well it needs great people running it - which FreeAgent obviously has. I would probably go so far as to say you set a benchmark standard in your customer support that other companies could learn a lot from. Keep it up!.

    Matt Stocker

  • Fantastic functionality in a truly beautiful interface

    Christopher Marsh

    We’re a design agency, and none of us are natural bookkeepers but we knew we needed better handling of our invoicing, cashflow and tax returns. We tried out a couple of desktop packages, but they were confusing, felt wrong, or didn’t work cross-platform. Freshbooks looked promising, but when I saw FreeAgent I knew this was the right tool for us. Fantastic functionality in a truly beautiful interface. As a user I’m never struggling with it, it seems to have been designed by observing what real people need to do and how they do it. I’m almost enjoying getting on top of the company finances.

    Christopher Marsh | 72 Dots

  • It's the only program genuinely better than pen and paper

    Tom Creed

    I needed a simple system that I could quickly update allowing me to keep as much time as possible for drumming up new business and income. This is it. FreeAgent tells me when invoices are overdue and keeps everything financial accessible with one or two clicks. Almost everything is done automatically. And although most users seem to be connected with IT, I'm in the construction industry and have found it to be the perfect tool.

    In my opinion, it's the only program genuinely better than pen and paper. Since starting to use FreeAgent I don't dread dealing with my business' finances. The guys behind it deserve all the success they get. They offer great support and constantly strive to improve.

    Tom Creed | T-Lec Ltd

  • Our cash flow has been significantly improved

    Emily Heath

    As a small design partnership doing our own book-keeping, it was vital I found an accounting package that would save us time and look good - both to us as users, and to our clients receiving invoices. After battling with a couple different trials of desktop applications, I wasn't sure I was ever going to find this - they were either based on totally unintuitive and downright ugly user interfaces or just full of bugs and shortcomings.

    Discovering FreeAgent was like a breath of fresh air, it is so easy invoicing for our time now - our cash flow has been significantly improved. We get invoices sent out regularly, and thanks to the timeslip management feature we never forget to bill for an item or hour like we had done in the past. It has an intuitive and beautifully designed interface and within the wealth of functionality are some real gems, like being able to import bank statements and rebill them to a project or attach invoices, design invoices using HTML and CSS and auto-generate profit and loss accounts. I used to dread doing our book-keeping, but now I actually enjoy it!

    Emily Heath | Whitespace Design

  • I wholeheartedly recommend FreeAgent

    Drew Jones

    When I made the decision to take more responsibility for my finances I needed a tool for the job, my criteria was straight forward: I need an application that makes accountancy simple for me. I found a few contenders but after I took my first look at FreeAgent I was really impressed and my decision was made shortly after starting the free trial period.

    It's helped me to organise my tax return with the minimum of hassle, especially as it was the first time I'd done this for myself. I am now able to keep on top of my expenses, travel, banking, invoicing all in one place. Not to mention the timesheets for my contracting.

    The insight into the user experience shines through on every page, an intuitive interface with comprehensive help available close to hand with a reply to a personal query in a timely manner. I wholeheartedly recommend FreeAgent to friends and acquaintances.

    Drew Jones |

  • It's made me feel smart, not stupid, about my company's finances

    Guy Dickinson

    FreeAgent is the financial management app that I'd almost given up waiting for. At last someone's had the balls, skill and accounting insight to build an online app that makes it really simple to handle my business's finances.

    Yeah, I know, a big part of running a business is about managing finances, but I'm too busy selling, working with customers, travelling, trying to think of new ideas and keeping up with umpteen other things in my business to obsess over the finances. Yet, of course, I worry about my finances, and FreeAgent has given me back a complete sense of control over this neglected part of my business.

    It's made me feel smart, not stupid, about my company's finances. I can pull up quick dashboard reports of my cashflow, generate VAT returns in minutes, not hours, and see exactly how much tax I should be expecting to pay this year.

    Guy Dickinson | Participo

  • It's revolutionized how I manage my billing.

    Emma Young

    I'd been looking for a tool that allowed me to keep track of my workload for some time, so when I got the opportunity to try out FreeAgent I jumped at the chance. The interface is simple and intuitive to use, the time-tracking system helps me track every second spent on projects and invoicing has become a breeze. It's revolutionized how I manage my billing.

    I would recommend FreeAgent to any freelancer who wants to spend less time cursing spreadsheets and more time doing what they do best!

    Emma Young | Arkose Design Ltd

  • I give my highest recommendation to any other small businesses to give it a go

    Mike Wilson

    I run a software development company based in the UK and I used to hate the pack of Excel spreadsheets that we had to prepare for our accountant each month. We sell around the world and so need an accounting package that can handle lots of accounts without lots of headaches. I found FreeAgent in October 2007 and it instantly brought direction and control to our finances (and removed almost all the stress)!

    Instead of taking days we spend a few minutes to upload our bank statements, describe the transactions and let FreeAgent take care of the rest.

    We can immediately check our position and forecast with no effort and sort out VAT, Corporation tax, PAYE and Income Tax without breaking a sweat. We know what we owe and we know what we’re making. We don’t need to know what rate to use for an item or how to calculate some arcane accounting calculation; FreeAgent knows it all and better than any book keeper; it does its job instantly and shows its workings.

    The FreeAgent team are professional, polite and quick to provide support and implement new features.

    If you are a sole trader or small business, there is no better solution available than FreeAgent and I give my highest recommendation to any other small businesses to give it a go. Once you’ve tried it you won’t go back to using anything else.

    Mike Wilson | Evolved Software Studios Ltd

  • The ability to see your business' vitals laid out clearly and concisely is priceless

    Simon King

    Hats off to the FreeAgent team for doing a fantastic job creating all the tools I need to run my small business.

    The ability to see your business' vitals laid out clearly and concisely is priceless. Financial decisions are much easier to make around here now.

    Simon King | Organic Internet

  • For small businesses operating from remote locations – I strongly recommend this solution

    Steve Thorns

    I have been using FreeAgent for 5 months now, and we are 3 directors of a software reseller company, all working from different locations.

    FreeAgent is great due to it being a hosted solution, we can enter invoices, expenses, check our bank position etc from any location and suits us down to the ground due to our operating from numerous locations. All backed up every day, no hassles, a great easy to use product.

    For small businesses operating from remote locations – I strongly recommend this solution – very easy to use – sorts out your VAT and Corporation tax, gives you an up to date financial position – what more could you ask for?

    Steve Thorns | 3Soft Limited

  • My main reason for recommending FreeAgent is the responsiveness of the guys who make it

    We’re a web design company based in central London, and we use FreeAgent for a lot of our admin. My main reason for recommending FreeAgent is the responsiveness of the guys who make it. It’s not uncommon to mention a problem you’re having one week, and find it fixed the next. FreeAgent has really come a long way since we started using it, and that’s mainly because the team are using the feedback they get to improve it. As a result, we’re finding more and more bits of admin we can hand over to FreeAgent so that we can get on with making quality websites.

    Tim Wraight | Talking Pixels

  • I’m more than happy to trust you with my data

    Loving FreeAgent!! It’s highlighted a few errors in my home-rolled accounting solution which means I’m more than happy to trust you with my data!

    Phil Norton | Crafty Devil

  • The most useful web app I've ever used

    Thank you to you and the team for producing an excellent web app. I would say its probably the most useful web app I've ever used!

    Balal Khan | 3digita

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