A Freelancers’ Day Social at FreeAgent

National Freelancers Day is fast approaching and, this year, we’re opening up FreeAgent Towers to our freelancing brethren in Scotland.

If you don’t know anything about National Freelancers Day, it’s an annual event run by the PCG (the “voice of freelancing” in the UK) designed to celebrate the work of independent professionals across the country. We’ve been involved as a sponsor in previous years and have helped raise awareness of the freelance sector and how people work in it - but this year, we decided to go a little further and host our own event.

So we’re issuing an open invitation to all PCG members in Scotland to join us for a “National Freelancers Day Social” at FreeAgent Towers in Edinburgh. The idea is that we’ll open up our HQ, lay on the refreshments and have loads of freelancers from across the country come to mingle, informally network and share their experiences of running freelance businesses. And, as it’s taking place on November 14th, it’ll serve as a good warm up for the main events that’ll take place on National Freelancers Day itself (Nov 21st).

So, if you’re freelancing in Edinburgh or the east of Scotland and want to share an evening with some other awesome freelancers to talk business, why not come and join us? Just register on the PCG website - http://www.pcg.org.uk/cms/index.php?option=com_dtregister&eventId=228&Itemid=1398&task=event_register&type=reg_individual

The FreeAgent National Freelancers Day Social

40 Torphichen Street


Wednesday November 14th - 6.30pm-8.30pm

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