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When we started working on the management tools that became FreeAgent, we knew we wanted to create something that was more than just an online application.

Yes, find the simplest, most streamlined way of dealing with the whole messy business of managing a solo business. But also start a conversation with our users that would help us make being a FreeAgent better, together.

Hence The Central! Our plan is to post regularly on what's going on with the FreeAgent service and what's happening in the world of solo business. We also want to build a resource to help the recent (and not-so-recent) converts find their feet. You'll see this starting to grow in the coming weeks and months.

Being a FreeAgent can be have its ups and downs, as we know as well as anyone else. As well as liberating, exhilarating and rewarding it can be lonely and, let's face it, a occasionally boring. We want to build a way of getting people together to talk about the ups and downs, and share tips and stories. Going solo doesn't mean being alone.

We'll also be doing a FreeAgent Spotlight - an occasional dive into the world of one of our users. We want hear your story and, in turn, we'll tell it to the world. We can all learn from things that went wrong as much as things that went right.

So, over to you! Comment on posts. Send us your stories. Help us make a better service.


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Ed Molyneux
Founder and CEO
FreeAgent Central Limited

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