Accounting software: one size fits all?

Software Advice, a software consultancy company based in Texas, have written a blog post about why more and more companies are turning to accounting software that targets their own industry's requirements, rather than choosing generic desktop-based software out of a box.

Their view is that larger companies are choosing industry-specific software that will tie in to their other systems, or include features that aren't generally part of an accounting system, such as stock control.

We think it's not just larger companies that do that.

Put it this way.

Most of our customers at the moment are based in the UK, though a growing number are elsewhere in the world - which is great.

And here in the UK, more and more people are setting up small businesses, often based at home, trading with customers all over the world.

This is why at FreeAgent we've tried to "dig a little deeper" for those businesses. We've included features such as time tracking, simple project management and a tax projection, which aren't part of day-to-day accounting but which aim to make our customers' lives easier and help them with more aspects of their business than just balancing the books.

We've targeted a niche area in the market, rather than a particular industry, but the principles are the same - a tighter focus means we can address more of those customers' particular needs.

It's not just large companies who don't want a one-size-fits-all solution!

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