British Accountancy Awards Win

We've been having a short run of awards success of late and it's always nice to receive recognition and meet with your contemporaries and competitors in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

In saying that, and despite having been in business since 2007, when you find yourself in the same short list as some very established names, it's hard not to feel like the new kids on the block sometimes.

Our latest "stay-up-late-on-a-school-night" escapade was last night at the British Accountancy Awards, hosted by Accountancy Age - both well regarded institutions in their own right - attended by over 500 accounting industry professionals. And us.

Over the course of the evening, awards were presented for outstanding effort by both individuals and firms of all sizes and it was obvious quite how passionately the finalists and winners felt about excellence in their profession. Great to see and participate in.

There was only one category for software, Software Package of the Year, where the finalists ranged from Business Intelligence dashboard tools and secure data exchange solutions through to a number of online and offline accounting solutions, including FreeAgent.

I am absolutely delighted to report that we won, with the judging panel of industry experts commenting:

"This is a comprehensive financial package complemented by the latest cloud technology. Their product shows continuing and adventurous innovation combined with a strong focus on supporting their customers."

We have always believed that the future of accounting, book-keeping and financial software lies online and it is great to see that, increasingly, others recognise this too.

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