Getting your estimates signed online with RightSignature

As you would expect, we’re big fans of using technology to solve many of our problems, but there are still some areas of business that require some real world human involvement. One of these traditionally is getting sign-off from customers agreeing to estimated work, so we are delighted to make you all aware that there's now an integration available with RightSignature to help improve this process.

RightSignature is a brilliant company that enable you to get your documents filled out and signed online. And through this new integration, you’ll be able to use them to collect fast, easy, legally binding electronic signatures on your FreeAgent estimates.

We know that our customers often need to have their estimates signed by clients and co-workers, but it can take ages to print out and send these documents back and forth. So, this new integration with RightSignature very effectively closes the loop - bringing the entire estimate approval process online without a shred of paper.

Once you set up with RightSignature, you will see an option in your account to add estimates straight out of FreeAgent.

Better still, when your customer signs the estimate, it is automatically marked as “approved” inside FreeAgent!

It’s a great feature which we’re excited to be able to share this with our users, and we’re sure it’ll become a very popular addition to FreeAgent.

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