Float beta invites


The nice people at Float are close to launching their cash flow projection app, which integrates seamlessly with FreeAgent.

I've been using Float recently, and have been impressed both by it's ease-of-use and integration with FreeAgent. I can definitely see it being a useful addition for FreeAgent users.

Float have kindly given us 20 beta invite codes, to be used on a first come, first served basis:

  • freeagent-086af8
  • freeagent-c6c5a9
  • freeagent-2b45dd
  • freeagent-32e24e
  • freeagent-4615f2
  • freeagent-522dc3
  • freeagent-6a523b
  • freeagent-30f44f
  • freeagent-447f5f
  • freeagent-1eb916
  • freeagent-953887
  • freeagent-c22871
  • freeagent-bbb17b
  • freeagent-37831b
  • freeagent-b46284
  • freeagent-7ed666
  • freeagent-18b873
  • freeagent-d253fc
  • freeagent-0b3b95
  • freeagent-8c45e6

To use the codes simply sign up at http://beta.floatapp.com/signup using one of the codes above.

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