Free Time Tracking Widget

Interblah FreeAgent Time Tracking Widget

James Adam, one of our users, has just released a Mac-based Open Source time-tracking widget for FreeAgent.

In his own words:

It's fairly simple, functionality, but covers everything I need. Once you fill in your FreeAgent details, it will load your projects, and choosing a project will load the available tasks for that project. Hit the big middle button to start/pause timing, and then clicking "Post" will post that time to your account. I've added a few neat little tricks - try double-clicking the time and typing "1h30", for example.

It's not hugely sophisticated - you can't manage your existing timesheets, or add a timesheet for another day - but clicking the 'timeslips' text will take you straight to your timesheets on the site should you need that.

We already integrate with Timepost but it's great to see a user-contributed free time-tracker now available for FreeAgent. You can provide feedback or report any issues at Github Issues.

Great work James!

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