FreeAgent Giveaway

John O'Nolan is a relatively new user of ours, but he's been one of our biggest activists since he started using FreeAgent, and he's the sort of user most apps would kill to have on board.

John O Nolan

A few weeks ago John wrote a brilliant article about his big mouth (his words not mine), in which he urged companies to engage more with their users, turning them from passive consumers into proactive evangelists. It's a great piece, about a subject that's very close to our hearts, and I'm going to write my own take on this from a company perspective shortly.

The Giveaway

His latest article is a very comprehensive review of FreeAgent and off the back of this, we've teamed up together to offer 3 new users the chance of using FreeAgent free for 6 months. All you have to do is head over to John's site and leave a comment on the blog about your first impressions of FreeAgent. 3 new users will then be chosen at random and will receive the first 6 months of a FreeAgent subscription free.

FreeAgent Giveaway

The Giveaway offer is only running until Tuesday the 20th of October so getting commenting for your chance to win 6 months free account.

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