FreeAgent sponsoring the Highland Fling 2008

Highland Fling 2008

We're pleased to announce that FreeAgent will, once again, be sponsoring the upcoming Highland Fling 2008 conference, to be held in Edinburgh on the 3rd of April.

Most of the team were at last years event, where we saw the likes of Jeremy Keith, Andy Budd, James Edwards and Andy Clarke give some great talks on the theme of progressive enhancement. This year, the topic is "The Browser and Beyond" focussing on what happens when data is pushed and pulled in plethora of new ways outside the humble web browser.

With our upcoming API and other developments, it couldn't be a more appropriate subject for us here at FreeAgent.

If you're based in Scotland, or even the UK, you owe it to yourself to try and get along to the Highland Fling, as I'm sure it'll be a great day. If you are going then make sure you come and say hello to us too.

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