Growing the FreeAgent Ecosystem with Float

You probably saw our recent blog post announcing the launch of the new version of our API, and read about how we hoped this would enable a new generation of apps and services to be built working alongside FreeAgent.

What we didn’t mention was that we’ve got a lot of awesome people who are already plugged into our API - most of whom are delivering brilliant apps that help our customers get even more out of their online accounting. So we thought we’d spread a little love about some of them and highlight the great stuff that they do.

Take our good friends at Float, for example. They provide a nifty app that helps business owners create a cash flow forecast to see what the future has in store. Float pulls in live accounting data directly from FreeAgent, so business owners can create an accurate cash flow forecast in minutes - without having to use a spreadsheet.

The guys are old hands with FreeAgent. Before they developed the app, they used the system for managing the accounts for their web development company IfLooksCouldKill, so they know us pretty well and understand first-hand what users like about FreeAgent and what they need.

Over the last while, Float has already become a popular app in the FreeAgent community, and we reckon it may become even more in demand in the near future. Thanks to our adoption of OAuth, they’re able to offer their app to customers securely - as, when you’ve authenticated it once, Float can keep your cash flow forecast up-to-date for you, with no effort required, and totally securely with no passwords involved.

But the icing on the cake for us is the fact that they’re based just down the road from us in Edinburgh. They saw that the city was the second largest financial centre in the UK (after London) and knew it was the ideal place to launch a financial application - but they also realised that there was a powerful start-up community growing here as well. 

Having them close by is great for us - as it means that we can meet up and chat face-to-face about all the latest updates we’re planning, and to see how they can integrate with these changes.

If you don’t know about them, check out their stuff at I’m sure you'll find it interesting...

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