Hey, FreeAgent Central!

It's really important to us that we have a real and ongoing conversation with our users, so that we can make FreeAgent even better as time goes by.

For a while we've been looking for the best way to do this, and experimented internally with email, blogs, wikis, forums, you name it. Nothing seemed quite right, quite welcoming enough to allow us to invite you in and build a real community.

Well, now we've found Satisfaction - an online service run by some thoughtful people in San Francisco - which allows us to really provide 'People-powered Customer Service'.

We've already added our initial Frequently-Asked Questions there, and from now on it'll be the best place to report bugs, ask questions and make suggestions.

You can still email us individually (or at support@freeagentcentral.co.uk) of course, if you need to. But the conversations we can have openly are more valuable for everyone concerned, I reckon.

Go ahead and try it! We're listening...

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