Interested in buying FreeAgent shares? Check out our FAQs

In case you missed the big news, you can now request to buy shares in FreeAgent through our equity crowdfunding campaign. If you’re interested in owning FreeAgent shares, now’s a great time to check out the campaign - it closes on Monday 20th July*.

Over 450 people have now invested and our customers have asked some great questions on topics like tax relief and the investment process. Here’s a recap:

What does “equity" crowdfunding mean?

“Equity” crowdfunding means that we’re offering customers and members of the public the chance to buy shares (or “equity”) in FreeAgent through a crowdfunding platform (we’re using Seedrs).

Why are you crowdfunding? What will you do with the money?

We decided to raise money through crowdfunding because we wanted to give our customers the opportunity to own a part of FreeAgent. If we achieve our target, we will use the £1m to further accelerate our product development and reach even more small business owners. There’s more information about this over on our Seedrs page.

Could I get any tax relief on the money I invest?

HMRC’s Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) allows qualifying investors to claim back 30% of their investment in companies like FreeAgent. If you qualify (details here) you could, for example, claim a £300 tax refund when you invest £1,000 in this tax year, or even apply that relief to a previous tax year for an immediate refund (details in section 1.2.1).

How would I potentially see a return on my investment?

Like any responsible investment-backed company, our intention is to try to ensure that shareholders get a good return on their investment. For companies like FreeAgent, common ways to do this include making the shares tradeable by listing the company on a public stock market (via an Initial Public offering or IPO) or by being acquired by a larger company (this is known as a “trade sale”). Or if FreeAgent were to be profitable in the future, shareholders would receive a share of those profits as dividends. There are no guarantees, however, and you shouldn’t invest more than you could afford to lose.

How much can I invest?

You can invest anything upwards from £10, the value of one share. That means that if you invested £1,000, you’d own 100 FreeAgent shares! If we don’t reach our £1m target, the round won’t complete and no shares will be issued - any money you’ve invested would be refunded.

I’m interested in investing - how does it work?

The only way to buy shares in FreeAgent is through our FCA-authorised crowdfunding partner, Seedrs. If you want to invest, start by visiting our crowdfunding page. To see all of the details, you’ll need to create a Seedrs account by selecting the “Proceed” button. Don’t worry - creating a Seedrs account doesn’t commit you to any investment, it just allows you to get more information! If you decide to invest once you’ve read through the details, select the “Invest” button and enter your amount to start the process.

These are just some of the questions our customers and potential investors have asked us over the last few weeks; you can find more on the Q&A page of our Seedrs campaign. You’ll be able to view all the existing questions and answers, as well as submit your own questions to the page, once you’ve created a Seedrs account. If you’re interested in owning shares in FreeAgent and have a question, please do post it on the Q&A page - I’d love to hear from you!

*No, you’re not seeing things - we said earlier that the deadline was Sunday 19th July but we actually have an extra day.

This page does not, and is not intended to, constitute an offer to acquire shares. All activities relating to the promotion and offer of shares will be carried out by Seedrs, and not by FreeAgent.

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