It's good to talk - with a FreeAgent webinar

As you’re probably aware, we’re a sociable bunch here at FreeAgent Towers. If you’ve ever chatted with us on twitter - or spoken to any of our support accountants when you had a problem - you’ll know we like nothing better than having a friendly blether with our customers.

However, we’ve decided go a step further and help even more people to talk with us - by hosting some regular webinars about the FreeAgent system. So, at 11am this Friday, our awesome Chief Accountant Emily Coltman (aka M) will be donning the headset to lead the next web demonstration of FreeAgent, with our equally fantastic support team on hand to answer any questions from participants.

We’ve been planning to introduce regular web tutorials for a while now so we’re thrilled that they’re now underway. It means that our new customers, as well as anyone who has signed up for a 30 day trial, can have a step-by-step run through of the FreeAgent system and see all of the great things they can get out of it.

We’ve already got a pretty extensive Knowledge Base in place on the website that addresses most of the questions we get about how FreeAgent works. We’ve also got a number of how-to guide videos on our website that take potential customers through the various features that the FreeAgent system offers - including time-tracking, invoicing, expenses and logging payments.

But sometimes it’s nice to have someone to talk it through with you and that’s why we hope our webinars will be a big hit - as you’ll not only have M guiding you through FreeAgent, but there will also be one of our brilliant support accountants on hand to take any queries you may have during the session and answer them straight away by chat.

So if you want to take part, just select here to register for this week’s web session - or, if you can’t make it, you can register for one of our future sessions.

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