Making social media part of our DNA

The annual Social Media Week festivities are taking place around the world this week and, once again, FreeAgent is joining in the fun.

For Social Media Week 2012, we’re sponsoring the “Making Social part of your DNA” event in London - a one-day conference featuring a host of speakers from some pretty big-name players in the business world. It’ll see delegates from Salesforce, Virgin Atlantic, Dell and Cisco - among many others - teaming up to discuss how they are using social media in their businesses and how they are successfully collaborating with their audiences through these channels.

It’s a great opportunity for us to discover how other companies successfully engage with their customers and promote their businesses through social media. But, just as importantly, we’ll also get the chance to highlight the good work that we’re doing - including the many conversations that we have with our customers on Twitter and Facebook and the great feedback we get from our followers.

We’re fortunate that we have a dedicated (and very vocal!) group of FreeAgent users who are not only voracious social media disciples but who are also pro-actively helping us find new customers through our channels. And as a result, we’re at the stage where we regularly see new subscribers being referred to us through Twitter.

It’s a long-term goal to see the use of social media becoming an integral part of how we do business at FreeAgent - and to get to the point where it’s ingrained into the company’s bloodstream. We’re gradually getting there, so an event like “Making Social part of your DNA” is a great opportunity to see how we can take our social media channels even further. We’re delighted to be sponsoring the conference and hopefully everyone else who’s attending on Thursday will find it just as useful and informative as we do.

If you’re interested in booking tickets to the event on February 16th - or just want to find out more information about Social Media Week in general - you can get all of the details on the Make Social Part of Your DNA website. We’ll also be posting a post-event review featuring all of the best bits we learn at the conference, so keep your eyes peeled on the blog for this in the near future.

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