Multi-currency invoicing coming next

Support for multi-currency invoicing has been one of the most common, and loudest, feature requests from our users over the past year or so.

From day one we've been keen to discuss ideas and get feedback on where the application should go. We've rightly come in for some stick concerning our handling of expectations regarding when certain features would be available, and we've made mistakes, but we've also learned some important lessons about how we can better communicate with our users.

Anyway, the good news is we've now started work on multi-currency invoicing and this will be the focus of our next release. Additional support for other aspects of multi-currency support will be rolled out in subsequent releases, but we initially aim to solve the common problems that act as a showstopper for many people using FreeAgent.

We're not giving an exact date for this, as we do want to take the time to do it right, but we're really looking forward to delivering a crucial missing piece of the modern accounting puzzle.

Bring it on!

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