Multi-language invoicing: can you help?

We get a lot of feature requests here at FreeAgent and one of the more popular ones is the ability to send Estimates and Invoices in multiple languages.

Well, as of today we're asking for your help in allowing us to deliver multi-language estimates and invoicing in an upcoming release.

It's pretty simple to get involved. If you are able and willing to translate key words/phrases into a particular language, then download one of the following two files:

  • The Translation YML file (preferred): You'll need a simple text editor to edit this, and then it's a case of replacing the English words/phrases with the appropriate translations. If text editors don't fill you with pathological terror then this is the best choice. It will make our life much easier.
  • The Translation Spreadsheet. If the thought of editing the YML file is just too scary, then you can fill in this spreadsheet with the translated words and phrases, and we'll do the rest.

In either case, email the completed translation file to and remember to tell us what the translated language is. We'll try and make sure that all returned translations make it into the application when multi-language invoices and estimates are released.

In the fullness of time, we're looking to extend localisation across the app, but for the moment we think that having multi-language invoices and estimates will be a big help for many people.

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