National Freelancers Day 2011

Today is National Freelancers Day!

Organised by PCG, it's a chance to celebrate the value of independent workers to the UK economy, but equally, it serves as a focal point for all those freelancers throughout the UK to connect, network and share their views, experience and come together as a community of like-minded individuals.

Seen as "the voice of freelancing" the PCG, with around 20,000 members, has become the main hub of knowledge, advice, education and representation for freelancers in the UK, as well as forging links with other similar organisations elsewhere in the world.

As well as the day of events, there are also some more light-hearted ways to get involved, such as PCG’s “Are You Fit to Freelance?” quiz where you can find out your freelance ranking, from humble apprentice  right up to the heady heights of Freelance Ninja!

We’re delighted to be involved this year in a couple of practical ways. Firstly we co-sponsored and presented at an event in Manchester yesterday, with Enterprise Freelance Fair designed to help freelancers maximise their potential routes to successful business.

Secondly, FreeAgent is pleased to be sponsoring the National Freelancer Day webinar sessions around the changing nature of work, which includes a contribution from Dan Pink who 10 years ago wrote the foresighted “Free Agent Nation - The Future of Working For Yourself” as well as Matt Barrie from

I’m also looking forward to attending the Freelance Lecture this evening with some world class speakers and no doubt informed and lively debate.

More and more people are beginning to understand the benefits of self-employment, and as a result they are contributing more and more to the UK economy as we navigate these difficult financial waters. With supportive and progressive thinking organisations like PCG, and fantastic tools like FreeAgent to help guide them, this is one trend we’re pretty confident will keep on going for some time yet to come.

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