Off to dConstruct

It's almost that time of year again, when we make the annual pilgrimage down to Brighton for the dConstruct conference.

This will be my third time at the event, and it's one I always look forward to, partly because the content is thought provoking and unique, and partly because it's a great excuse for a bit of a geeky holiday, and it gets me out the house.

You can never accuse dConstruct of pandering to the lowest common denominator, and this year's theme is the typically ambitious Designing for Tomorrow! The speakers aren't the best known figures on the conference circuit, but you can be sure the talks will be on the money, and there are still tickets available, so get buying.

I'll be travelling down with a bunch of reprobates the cream of Scottish web talent, and meeting up with Olly down there. We say this all the time, but do come up and say hello if you see us. Just don't hassle us about invoice reminders alright?

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