Plendi - easy expense tracking

Please note that this integration with FreeAgent no longer exists - please take a look at our integrations and add-ons page for more expense tracking integrations

Plendi iPhone appPlendi, an expense tracking service that lets you capture receipt data on your smartphone, has just announced its new integration with FreeAgent.

With Plendi, users can take a picture of their receipts using Plendi’s mobile app. The receipts are transcribed by Plendi’s data entry staff into a personal online receipt manager, where the image and transaction data are permanently stored. Plendi has apps for the iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

The service manages foreign currency conversions and tracks VAT. Plendi’s basic service costs €39.95 per year and offers a 1-month free trial.

The FreeAgent integration now allows this data to be seamlessly forwarded to the user's FreeAgent account, where they are added as Out of Pocket expenses. With no data entry needed at all, it makes capturing receipts on the go easy.

Find out more about the Plendi and FreeAgent integration.

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