Smart outsourcing for small business owners with People Per Hour

Have you thought that, if you could just outsource that one niggly task you’ve been putting off, you’d be able to focus on running your business more effectively? But you don’t know where to look to find someone that could help you?

It’s a common issue for small business owners and freelancers - you’re expected to be able to turn your hand to anything, even if it means you spend hours trying to do something that would take an expert a fraction of the time.

If you’ve been stuck like this, we think you might be interested in what our friends over at People Per Hour are offering. It’s a great service that connects small businesses with expert freelancers who can help them finally get those tasks off the to-do list.

People Per Hour is an online marketplace where you can find people who specialise the kind of work that you need. So if you need some new landing pages designed for your website, you can looking through the listings in their design section and see if someone is offering the service you need. Alternatively you can also post specific details about the job you want to outsource and the price you want to pay - and then get responses back directly from People Per Hour users who want to work with you.

It’s a great idea and one that we think could help small business owners to focus on the things that they’re really good at and they enjoy doing - without neglecting the other necessary parts of their business.

Check out People Per Hour at and see how their database of freelancers can help you grow your business. It’s pretty cool.

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