Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

One of my favourite things about business in general - and in particular a business like FreeAgent which is always looking to push some boundaries wherever possible - is the fact that we get to meet and work with some really clever people, who have great ideas and solutions that complement and extend what we do.

We’re boldly going on our ongoing mission to democratise accounting, and make life easier for our users, and it is encouraging and exciting to discover others share this vision and motivation.

We think it would be good to keep you up to date with what is going on in our wider ecosystem, so from time to time we will be swinging our spotlight onto some of the interesting partners we work with, as well as some cool applications and products that integrate with FreeAgent.

We’re also really keen to highlight some of our growing army of end-users who have an interesting story for us to tell - ideally connected in some way to how they use FreeAgent or how it fits into their own business.

If you think other FreeAgent users could benefit from knowing what you do and how you do it, drop me a note to As an extra incentive, if we do profile you here, you might just receive one of our shiny new FreeAgent badges as a token of our esteem!

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