The EIF Backboard

Being based in Edinburgh does have its perks. Alongside being consistently voted one the nicest UK cities to live in, we also get the pleasure of hosting the magnificent and world-famous Edinburgh Festivals every year.

During August, six different festivals take place at the same time to form the biggest annual cultural celebration in the world. So, whether you’re into comedy, dance, books, music, opera or even want to explore New Earth, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something going on in the city that’ll be just right for you.

But among all of these events, the cultural daddy of them all is still the Edinburgh International Festival (EIF). It's the original and still the most prestigious of all the city’s festivals, which every year showcases the world’s best music, theatre, opera and dance performances at venues across the city.

Being the cultured lot that we are here at FreeAgent, we jumped at the chance of supporting the EIF by working with them on a new project which taps into the buzz and activity surrounding all the different events that they are staging.

EIF Backboard

Based on something we originally developed a couple of years ago, the EIF Backboard hooks into social media content like Facebook check-ins and Tweets to build a picture of what people are doing and talking about at the festival.

You can see which venues people are at right now, what topics are trending and which events are coming up. It’s essentially a snapshot of what’s hot right now, and should prove to be a useful resource for festival goers.

You can see it online at and if you’d like a similar board for your own event hit us up with an email to

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