Welcome to the new site

It's been a year since we last refreshed the FreeAgent website, and a lot has changed since then, so the time was right for another update.

So, what exactly is different about FreeAgent in 2010? Well in a word: you. There's lots more of you for one thing and we wanted the new site to better reflect the breadth of customers we've now got. Thanks to everyone who provided a testimonial or feedback.

Clearly, we hope the new website will be a more efficient tool in selling FreeAgent to new customers, but it was also really important for us to improve the site for our existing users and there's a few new things you should be taking a look at.

The Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base Navigation

Over the last few months Emily has been putting in a truly Herculean effort to build our new Knowledge Base of support articles, tutorials and videos.

It's amazingly comprehensive and if you've got any questions at all about the system, then they're more than likely answered in the Knowledge Base. There are more than 150 articles, some with videos, organised by category for you to peruse.

Find an Accountant

As our list of FreeAgent Friendly partners grows, we get more requests from customers looking for good accountants who can work with FreeAgent. We're firmly of the belief that a better understanding of your finances alongside a good accountant can make all the difference for a business.

So, we've created a new searchable database of our accounting partners so you can find accountants near you, or those that speciallise in a particular service.

Find an Accountant

We'll be improving this in the coming months so do check back.

If you're an accounting practice looking to utilise the opportunies of online accounting, and get more clients, then get in touch and we can give you more information about our partner programme.

Site and Support Search

There's a new site-wide search facility located in the footer and a specific support search section found in that section to help you track down what you're looking for.

Business and Tax Tips

On the previous site we had our tax and business tips articles spread across 2 different places in the site. It didn't work particularly well so we've combined everything into this single blog. Much simpler.

We've had great feedback on the advice articles that Emily has produced so far, so look forward to lots more of these in the future.

Under the Hood

For those of a techy persuasion, the site continues to be built using the fantastic MODx CMS, and we've started moving over to HTML5 for the underlying mark-up. I say "started" because in this first release we're really just laying the groundwork until it's "safer" to implement HTML5 more fully. I'll leave what "safer" means as an exercise for the reader ;)

There also plenty of CSS3 treats for those of you using FireFox or Safari.

What do you think?

We'd love to hear your feedback on the new site. Is there anything else you think could be improved or would you like to see extra resources in some way? Chip in!

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