Terms and Conditions

Refer your friend for an annual FreeAgent subscription and get a £100 John Lewis and Partners Voucher each

The terms set out below apply to the dual £100 referral incentive offer, offered by FreeAgent Central Ltd.

What specific words mean

  • "Account Holder" means a sole trader, partnership or company which has a FreeAgent account;
  • "Annual Subscription" means a current subscription to the Service, where the Account Holder pays a year's subscription fees in advance;
  • The "Service" means our FreeAgent software which is accessed and used via our password protected websites;
  • "Initial User" means the person within the Account Holder's organisation whose contact details were provided to us when the account was initially applied for;
  • "Referral Discount" means our standard 10% discount for Referrers and Referees, full details are set out here; and
  • "us" "we" "our" and "FreeAgent" refers to FreeAgent Central Limited, a company registered in Scotland with registered number SC316774 and having its registered office at One Edinburgh Quay, 133 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, EH3 9QG.

    Summary of offer and availability

  1. This ‘Refer-a-friend offer’ ("Offer") allows existing Account Holders to earn a £100 John Lewis and Partners gift card ("Voucher") for their Initial User, and a Voucher for the person they refer, if their friend subscribes to a new Annual Subscription, and meets the conditions set out herein.
  2. This Offer is limited to the first 75 eligible Referees FreeAgent receives.
  3. Should this limit not be reached, the Offer will expire at midnight on 29th March 2019, unless amended or withdrawn.
  4. A Referrer can make as many referrals as they like, and each eligible Referee will receive a Voucher. However, the maximum number of Vouchers a Referrer can receive is one.
  5. Herein, existing Account Holders will be called "Referrer(s)" and new subscribers will be called "Referee(s)". The offer is run by FreeAgent Central Ltd.

    How to participate

  6. We will email a unique link ("Link") to all qualifying existing Account Holders on 1st March 2019. Each Account Holder can send their Link to as many potential Referees as they wish.
  7. If the recipient of the initial email is an employee of the Account Holder, the employee must seek the Account Holder's permission before participating in the Offer.
  8. If the recipient of the email and the potential Referee is an employee, the employee must seek his or her employer's permission before participating in the Offer.
  9. The Referee must sign up for a free trial of the Service using the Referrer's Link on or after 1st March 2019. If the Referee signs up for a free trial of the Service, and goes on to subscribe to an Annual Subscription by midnight 29th March 2019, the Referee and Referrer will be eligible for the Offer, provided they meet the conditions set out herein.
  10. FreeAgent’s standard account opening procedures will apply and the Referee will need to be accepted as a new customer of FreeAgent (which shall be at FreeAgent’s sole discretion) in order for the Referrer and Referee to be eligible for the Offer.
  11. Provided the Referrer and Referee meet the conditions set out herein as by midnight on 29th March 2019, both Referrer and Referee will receive an email within 2 working days of the Referee subscribing (i.e., annual subscription payment successfully processed and received by FreeAgent), confirming that they are one of the first 75 subscriptions and will receive the Voucher in April 2019, after final checks have been carried out, detailed in clause 25.
  12. The Voucher will be sent to the Initial User's email address, and the email address of the Referee.
  13. The Vouchers will be sent out in April 2019 after final promoter checks have been carried out, detailed in clause 25.
  14. The Referral Discount for both Referrer and Referee will be applied to both accounts, while both accounts are active, in addition to the two Vouchers awarded.


  15. Both Referrer and Referee must be direct customers of FreeAgent to qualify for this offer i.e. they must pay subscription fees to FreeAgent directly and not through any 3rd party such as an accountant, bank or other intermediary.
  16. If a Referee receives Links from more than one existing Account Holder, only the existing Account Holder whose Link the Referee actually uses to sign up for their free trial will be classed as the Referrer for the purposes of the Offer.
  17. An Account Holder can be a Referee and then go on to be a Referrer and receive two Vouchers, if, after subscribing to an Annual Subscription, they refer someone using their unique Link and both referrals comply with all terms set out herein.
  18. The Account Holder cannot refer the Offer to themselves as sole trader, or to any partnership or company of which any partner, officer or employee of the Account Holder is a partner, officer or employee.
  19. This Offer is open to UK Account Holders only. US and Global Account Holders are excluded.
  20. The issue of the Vouchers is conditional on both Referrer and Referee’s accounts being active (i.e. annual subscription payments received by us and account is not cancelled) by midnight 29th March 2019.
  21. No cash alternative is available. This Offer can be combined with the Referral Discount as well as our introductory 50% discount for new customers. It can not be combined with any other promotional offer.
  22. The Vouchers are subject to the terms and conditions of John Lewis and Partners. You must read them carefully.
  23. FreeAgent reserves the right to amend, suspend or withdraw the Offer at any time for any reason. The Offer is non-transferable and may be revoked at any time for any reason. The rules relating to the Offer may be changed without notice and at the sole discretion of FreeAgent.
  24. FreeAgent does not accept any liability in the event that the Vouchers become valueless or unusable.
  25. FreeAgent reserves the right to refuse a claim for a Voucher if it has reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these terms and conditions, abuse of this Offer, or any illegal or criminal activity including fraud in connection with this Offer.
  26. Neither of the parties benefiting from the Voucher can be employees of FreeAgent.
  27. These terms shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Scots law. If any party wants to take court proceedings in relation to this Offer, it must do so in Scotland.
  28. FreeAgent’s standard terms also apply.

Company Contact

One Edinburgh Quay
133 Fountainbridge
Scotland United Kingdom