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Aiteo Consulting

As tech professionals, focus on your career while we focus on your numbers. (1) Reduce Stress: we’ll set you up and keep you compliant. (2) Save Time: no more poring over spreadsheets. We deploy leading cloud accounting solutions to your devices. (3) Optimise Money: a remuneration strategy relevant to you.

Allsquare (Edinburgh) Ltd

Allsquare are a small innovative accountancy that is changing the way accountants work with their clients. We believe the finances go hand in hand with a wider range of support offerings for our clients including sales, marketing, and business strategy. The directors of Allsquare have direct experience of forming and running their own small businesses so we truly understand and can advise our clients.

We also believe the cost of your accounts should be fair and that is reflected in our small business Accounts and Tax Return price of £600 + vat.

For advice based on real experience and prices that are fair and honest, Allsquare are there to help using the latest cloud based accountancy solutions.

Andrew S. Cruickshank

A huge fan of Freeagent since 2010.

I am an AAT Licensed Accountant with a broad, practice-based experience, dating back to 1978.

I pride myself on a high standard of service, in the support of a limited number of small, owner managed businesses.

I can help, call me

Angels & Ledgers

Here at Angels & Ledgers we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients, understanding their business and finding a way to help them that they can afford.

We understand what it is like not to have enough time in the day to fit in all your tasks for your business and personal time let alone doing the books on top of that. Let us take that burden off you and give you time back to concentrate on your business.

Approved Accounting Limited

We are a family run firm of accountants based in Hampshire with a refreshing approach to accountancy for small businesses. Our emphasis is the promotion of online accounting, as this offers huge new time and cost saving features.

Call us on 01730 823 000 or email us for more information on online accounting and our small business accounting services in the South of England.

APS Accounting

Choose APS Accounting and you will have a PCG Accredited, Chartered Certified Accountant on your side.

Monthly fixed fees agreed in advance.

Offline/online meetings and phone calls at times to suit you.

Specialists for;

Contractors and freelancers.

Ascentis Accountants LLP

Ascentis have always been at the very forefront of technology and early adopters of any systems that give our clients a better service. Having been a paperless office since 2004, and a cloud based practice since 2011, the launch of FreeAgent fitted perfectly within our existing working culture, and we quickly became FreeAgent Friendly Accountants. Unlike Sage and other similar traditional software packages, it is designed around the “none-accountant”, so it is really easy to use and provides a "one-stop shop" to meet all the accounting requirements of a small business.

ASL Accountants

ASL Accountants provide some 30 years experience through a husband wife partnership offering a personal service and support to individuals and smaller businesses so often missing from larger firms. We have successfully promoted FreeAgent amongst our clients for over 5 years to make life easier for them and us!

Avonfield Bookkeeping

Avonfield Bookkeeping, based in Bradford on Avon, provides bookkeeping services to small companies, sole traders and not-for-profit organisations. Our services are often cloud-based, in which case we are able to work with you countrywide.

In all cases, close relationships save you time and money and keep you compliant.


We offer flexible, cost-effective bookkeeping services and use technology to minimise costly and inefficient manual input. Our dedicated team of bookkeepers will develop an in-depth understanding of your business to effectively manage your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks.

Accurate and timely end-of-year accounts are guaranteed with our statutory accounting professionals. With expertise in preparing HMRC and Companies House compliant reports, we compute corporate tax and personal tax liabilities to maximise tax savings.

If we manage your bookkeeping, our internal periodic accounting controls will ensure that records of income, expenditure, equity, assets and liabilities are in perfect order for speedy preparation of end-of-year financial statements.

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