Getting your clients onto FreeAgent

When it comes to encouraging your clients to use FreeAgent and adding them to your practice dashboard, you’re not alone! Here’s some guidance to help make the process as seamless as possible for you and your clients.

Top tips for getting your clients onto FreeAgent

1. Choosing the right clients for FreeAgent

FreeAgent’s broad range of features make it suitable for many different types of businesses. This handy checklist will help you to identify whether FreeAgent might suit a particular client’s needs and then highlight the most relevant benefits when you talk to those clients about the software.

Your clients will be especially well suited to FreeAgent if:

They're always on the move

Business owners based out in the field - such as photographers, caterers and personal trainers - appreciate a solution that helps them stay on top of their project-by-project income.

Speaking to clients who offer field-based services about FreeAgent? Download our guide to help you prepare.

They're in professional services

Engineers, consultants, medical professionals and clients who offer other professional services find that their financial needs suit FreeAgent down to the ground.

Speaking to clients who offer professional services about FreeAgent? Download our guide to help you prepare.

They deal in services, not products

Designers, IT contractors, event organisers and other clients who provide specialist services will find FreeAgent’s features particularly well suited to their businesses.

Speaking to clients who run service-based businesses about FreeAgent? Download our guide to help you prepare.

They work in traditional trades

Clients who are used to dealing with their admin through traditional methods such as spreadsheets can be reluctant to move to the cloud, but they’re likely to see huge benefits when they make the leap! Customers in the building, removals or cleaning industries all fit into this category.

Speaking to clients who work in traditional trades about FreeAgent? Download our guide to help you prepare.

2. Reaching out to your clients

Change can sometimes feel daunting for clients, particularly when it comes to new software or technology, so we’ve created these handy resources to help you introduce FreeAgent to your clients.

Practical ways to introduce FreeAgent to your clients

We’ve put together some suggested wording for some of the emails and messages you might want to share about FreeAgent. For a refresher on some of the basics, take a look at our guidance on communicating with clients via email and letter.

Suggested emails and messages:

Add a FreeAgent page to your practice’s website

As well as reaching out to clients proactively, it’s also a great idea to create a FreeAgent page on your practice’s website.

Remember if you're an accredited partner you also have access to a dedicated Client Invitation page for your practice’s website - just copy the URL and share.

Useful resources:

Share videos with your clients

To help you show your clients how FreeAgent would benefit them, we’ve created a wide range of videos for you to share.

Testimonial videos

A series of videos based on interviews with FreeAgent users about their experiences of using the software and how it has helped them run their businesses:

3. Setting up a client's FreeAgent account

It won’t be long before clients start saying “yes” to using FreeAgent.

Our migration guide will help you move clients over to our software quickly and efficiently, while our Knowledge Base article provides step-by-step instructions on adding clients to your Practice Dashboard.

Your account manager will also be happy to help you if you need any additional guidance with setting up a client’s FreeAgent account.

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